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for ten inspiring years


2005 Prof Leon van Schaik Poetics in Architecture with Allan Powell / Vexta and xerocorp Street art, public art and the city / Jonathan Roffe, Concepts for the philosophy of the city / Dr Pia Ednie-Brown Holding together / Prof Nikos Papastergiadis, Cosmopolitanism / Prof Jeff Malpas Thinking (again) about being and dwelling

2006 Nicolas Low Clean / Geraldine Barlow and Tom Nicholson, Ghosts of self and state / Dr Gary Genosko, Subjectivity Between Art and Philosophy / Dr Daniel Ross, On the Materiality of the Trace / Anna Tweeddale, Lost Garden Found / Esther Charlesworth and Robert Bevan, The Destruction of Memory / Stelarc / Dr Brian Morris, Wrapping and Unwrapping Shibuya: the texture of urban place / Dr Anna Hickey-Moody, Making Creative Places / Prof. Ayse Sentürer, 'Borderlines' as the Interval of Expansion of Time and Space

2007 Prof Mark Burry, Liquid Stone / Kim Halik, Arcane of architecture / Mathew van Kooy, The authority of the architect: concerning discourse and method / Louise Mackenzie, From the circular boulevard to the merry-go-round-a-bout: the lamentation (Tativille) and resolve of the destruction and loss of Paris in Jacques Tati's Play Time / James Calder, Pandemonium in the office: comparisons of uncertainty and change with the industrial and information technology revolutions / Ash Keating, Environmentally Challenged / Adam Parker, Arche-techne: On the architectural and philosophical scaffolding of new technology concepts for robotic materials / Felicity Scott, Ant Farm / Scott McQuire, Urban Screens Project / Sufern Hoe, From Skyline to Streetlife: (Re)Designing Singapore into a Creative Economy / Teresa Stoppani, Grid effects in architecture / Peta Carlin Haptic/Optic / Prof Katja Grillner, Nature’s Lover: Figuring a Landscape Designer

2008 Prof Richard Blythe, Questions of space: of architecture and philosophy / Susanne Hofmann, Atmosphere as a Design Strategy of Participation / Alex Selenitch, sets/series/suite / Michael Fowler, Teimu (the garden of dreams): aural and aesthetic attributes of Japanese gardens as models for spatial environments / Ashley Shafer, Urban Matters: moving beyond indeterminism vs. determinism / Tony Fry, Making Time: Design and the Materialisation of Ethics in the Age of Unsettlement / State of Design Festival copresentation, Architecture on Paper: a panel featuring editors of architecture magazines / Maggie McCormick, The Transient City: mapping urban consciousness through contemporary art / Urban Interior, Discussing an urban interior occupation / Julieanna Preston, Furnishing, Fields, Matter / Lauren Brown and Nella Themelios, Curating in the public space

2009 Today I make a personal commitment to the future we design together

2010 Annie K. Kwon, The Nauru Elegies / Prof Andrew Benjamin, Trauma Within the Walls / Tom Nicholson, Actions Towards Imaginary Monuments / Lauren Brown, Listening and Silence in the Built Environment / Prof Jane Rendell, May Mo(u)rn / Play with Your City! – State of Design Festival co-presentation / Naomi Stead, The look of the architect / Luby Springal, Mexican Contemporary Architecture / Janet McGraw and Naomi Tootell, Quilting the striated / Inger Mewburn, How to Gesture Like an Architect

2011 Gilbert Rochcouste: Architecture and Placemaking/ Yoland Wadsworth: What shape are we in? / Jonathan Mosley: Beyond Utopia / Prof Kim Dovey: Assembling architecture / David Gissen: New Groundworks/ Teresa Stoppani: The Architecture of the Disaster / At the Bartlett, London: Architectural Voices / Anthony Magen: Deafness in landscape architecture / Martin Butcher: Participatory development / Moving image, mobile architectures Featuring artist Joel Zika: The Dark Ride / Sustainability double Roberta Esbitt Off the grid and In the groove: French Island Peter Cowman Living Architecture / Stanislav Roudavski: Pattern Events / Ride-On Dinner and reading

2012 Correspondences:8 / Collider

2013 Experiments in site writing

2014 Helen Runting: The Synthetic Subjects of Scandinavian Postmodern Urbanism / Hélène Frichot: Whatever happened to the Queens of PoMo Söder? Dr Karen Burns and Justine Clark: Parlour Project / Prof Leon van Schaik AO with Esther Anatolitis: The architecture of public life.


Architecture+Philosophy is an independent public program co-curated by Esther Anatolitis and Dr Hélène Frichot across 2005-2014.

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ARCHITECTURE+PHILOSOPHY creates a space of exchange between the two disciplines. We welcome participants from any discipline to engage with questions of contemporary urbanism, planning, technology, space, system, design, distribution and other issues in the productive overlap between the two disciplines. We curate a diverse range of presentations, public, site-specifc and online projects, from research students and established academics to architecture and planning practitioners, policy makers, public artists and those working in the world between theory, buildings and the city.

Swensk In 2014, Architecture+Philosophy is presented in partnership with Swensk.

Architecture+Philosophy has presented an inspiring diversity of thinkers, makers, collaborators and speakers across a decade.

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