Hélène Frichot and Esther Anatolitis, curators, Architecture+Philosophy

Esther Anatolitis (right) is Director of Regional Arts Victoria. Esther has facilitated and collaborated on various cross-disciplinary projects across a range of media and locations, with a focus on the identification of interstitial spaces for new work. Her academic background is in European philosophy (with a passion for both Hegel and Deleuze), and she also holds the postgraduate Zertifikat BauhausDessau for her work on the architectural “Serve City” project, for which she was awarded a DAAD Künstlerprogramm residency. Esther’s past professional roles span craft and design, literary arts, multicultural arts, publishing and broadcasting, and she has consulted with numerous small-to-medium arts and artist organisations on their strategic planning and programming. She has held CEO-level positions with several key Victorian arts organisations including Melbourne Fringe, Craft Victoria and Express Media, and has served on many design juries and arts boards including chairing the Arts Industry Council (Victoria). Esther’s creative work and advocacy has been published widely in Australia and overseas, most recently in The Australian, The Age, un magazine, Artichoke, Houses and RealTime Arts. Across all such involvements is an abiding interest in those special spatial and cultural configurations that are responsible for the emergence of the new. Follow @_esther on Twitter.

Dr Hélène Frichot (left) is assistant professor in the School of Architecture and the Built Environment, KTH, Stockholm, in the Critical Studies stream. Between 2004-2011 she held a academic position in the School of Architecture and Design, RMIT University. Her research examines the transdisciplinary field between architecture and philosophy (while her first discipline is architecture, she holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of Sydney, 2004). Hélène draws predominantly on the philosophical work of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, alongside other poststructuralist, as well as feminist thinkers. Her published research has ranged widely from commentary on the ethico-aesthetics of contemporary digital architecture operating within the new biotechnological paradigm, to the role of emerging participatory and relational practices in the arts, including critical and creative spatial practices. She considers architecture-writing to be her mode of practice. Follow @helenejuliaf on Twitter.


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Architecture+Philosophy series provides a unique opportunity for a space of exchange between the two disciplines. While what we provide is a local space – Melbourne practitioners on Melbourne issues – Architecture+Philosophy welcomes speakers from any discipline to engage with questions of contemporary urbanism, planning, technology, space, system, design, distribution and other issues in the productive overlap between the two disciplines. We curate a diverse range of presentations, from research students and established academics to architecture and planning practitioners, policy makers, public artists and those working in the world between theory, buildings and the city.

For all enquiries, email the curators: Esther Anatolitis and Hélène Frichot.

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