Both a performative experiment and a design challenge, this project invites you to make a meaningful commitment, provoking others to do the same.

This is a project about the only way to experience the future: by making a commitment. Let’s make some important commitments – to ourselves and to each other – about the role design plays in our lives and in our future. Each day during the State of Design Festival, a community of architects, typographers, planners, writers, makers and designers will share their commitments. Some of these calls will provoke you to make a personal commitment. Others will inspire you to take provocative action.

To take part, make your brief response to the statement Today I make a personal commitment to the future we design together and document your action here. This might be
one short sharp sentence in text,
or a brief set of instructions,
or your account of an action,
or a diagram,
or the image of an object you have provoked to make,

Be inspired to share what stimulates and motivates you to design the future we will experience together.

Join the Facebook group to participate or keep updated through the mailing list.

Other State of Design Festival highlights include:

  • THE SILVER BULLET Fringe Furniture alumni exhibition and masterclass featuring Keith Melbourne, Spaceleft, Lana Alsamir Diamond, Yellow Diva, Daniel Barbera, Tim Collins, Alex Selenitsch, Elizabeth Lawrence and Marc Pascal. The Silver Bullet ALUMNI MASTERCLASS: 4:00pm Thursday, 16 July at the Design:Made:Trade (Amphitheatre). Facilitated by Esther Anatolitis. ALUMNI EXHIBITION at Design:Made:Trade 16-19 July. Presented by Melbourne Fringe. > registration information
  • Iron Designer II: Revenge is a dish best served cold. State of Design closing night event. Featuring Chase & Galley, The Foundry, Cornwell Design, Maddison Architects, Wooden Toy, 21-19 and Six Degrees. Judged by Esther Anatolitis, Robert Buckingham and Richard Watts. 6:30pm Friday, 24 July. Presented by Studio Binocular. > tickets
  • Is there any value in what designers do? A lively debate on the value of interior design and whether or not authenticity is in fact an issue. 6:00pm Thursday, 23 July. Presented by Corporate Culture. Facilitated by Esther Anatolitis. > RSVP info
  • The Independent Type touring exhibition: celebrating Victoria’s rich and diverse written culture, highlighting the stories, the voices and the spirit of independence that have made our literature unique. State Library to 25 October. Curated by Steve Grimwade. Featuring work by Esther Anatolitis in the final issue of Is Not Magazine "All that glitters is not gold." Presented by the State Library of Victoria.


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Architecture + Philosophy provides a unique opportunity for a space of exchange between the two disciplines. While what we provide is a local space – Melbourne practitioners on Melbourne issues – the Architecture and Philosophy series welcomes speakers from any discipline to engage with questions of contemporary urbanism, planning, technology, space, system, design, distribution and other issues in the productive overlap between the two disciplines. We curate a diverse range of presentations, from research students and established academics to architecture and planning practitioners, policy makers, public artists and those working in the world between theory, buildings and the city.

For all enquiries, contact Esther Anatolitis. Co-curator Dr Hélène Frichot is on study leave in Germany in 2009. New to the series as guest curator in 2008 was Chelle Macnaughtan. about the curators


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