– March: Prof Leon van Schaik Poetics in Architecture with Allan Powell
– April: Vexta and xerocorp Street art, public art and the city
– May: Jonathan Roffe Concepts for the philosophy of the city
– September: Dr Pia Ednie-Brown Holding together
– October: A/Prof Nikos Papastergiadis Cosmopolitanism
– November: Prof Jeff Malpas Thinking (again) about being and dwelling



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Held on the second Thursday of the month, the 2005 Architecture and Philosophy series provides a unique opportunity for a space of exchange between the two disciplines. While what we provide is a local space – Melbourne practitioners on Melbourne issues – the Architecture and Philosophy series welcomes speakers from any discipline to engage with questions of contemporary urbanism, planning, technology, space, system, design, distribution and other issues in the productive overlap between the two disciplines. We curate a diverse range of presentations, from research students and established academics to architecture and planning practitioners, policy makers, public artists and those working in the world between theory, buildings and the city.

The program is curated by Esther Anatolitis and Hélène Frichot and presented by RMIT Architecture and Design and Federation Square.



Summer 2005 Past MSCP Sessions